• Q&A with Eric Murphy, director of Raleigh-sponsored Team United Healthcare of Georgia powered by 706P

    Apr 3, 2013


    Raleigh Bicycles sponsors 10 racing teams, ranging from top level pro squads such as the Raleigh-Clement cyclocross team and the Raleigh U.K. continental pro road team, all the way to smaller regional outfits such as the Recycled Cycles road team and the Northwest Sho-Air mountain bike team.
    In the middle of this spectrum [...]


  • Is It Road Season Already?

    Jan 27, 2009

    A couple quick pictures and some words from a couple of our Grassroots riders out there…
    Andy Racing in CA
    I’m loving the bike…very comfortable and just stiff enough. I rode 4hrs on Sunday and on some pretty rough roads, it felt smooth and really responsive. Yesterday I raced in Long Beach, CA I took an 11th in the 30 plus 1,2 [...]